Patroni Gustav Mahler 2010/2011

Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic

Marina Mahler, Granddaughter of Gustav Mahler

Thomas Hampson, Soloist of New York Metropolitan Opera

There are so many times when we think about Gustav Mahler that we forget what a loving friend of young people he was.

The knowing, humorous glint in Mahler’s eyes shines through especially in his songs; that gentle reminder of the follies we all experience as young human beings. But more lasting is the embracing hope and optimism he imparts to us all if we would just learn from these little micro-worlds he gives us in his songs. Surely an everlasting source and enduring impulse to his music comes from his place of birth and early experiences in life.

And therefore Kaliste and it’s environs will become a treasured pilgrimage for the Mahler disciples of all generations.

Vienna, 4.IX. 1998                                                                                 Thomas Hampson

Michael Tilson Thomas, Chief conductor San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Zuzana Růžičková, Harpsichord

Zdeněk Mahler, Writer

Susan Lucak, Head of the Antonín Dvořák Society New York


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